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Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm is a self-funding organization dedicated to increasing the Monarch population. Through restoring and replacing indigenous natural habitat, releasing healthy butterflies and conducting  educational presentations; together we are making a difference. We are located in Western New York and all of our butterflies are released here in NY, we do not ship live Monarchs outside the state .
The people of WNY and EMBF are giving back portions of their land to the natural environment and regaining their respect and interest for nature. In doing so not only do we reconnect with our natural environment, but we find a sense of empowerment that as individuals we can make a tremendous impact on the quality of our environment.
We believe the iconic Monarch Butterfly is a messenger and its rapid decline is the message;       
coexist with that which enables us to exist. Milkweed in Buffalo Monarch butterflies in Buffalo

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 Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm is actively campaigning for awareness to conditions that are detrimental to the environment ,other pollinators, wildlife and indigenous plant species.

We are active board members with the www.pollinatorconservationassociation.org and www.friendsofiroquoisnwr.org and encourage  people to become involved with these great organizations.



All of our seeds and plants are straight native wild species open pollinated and wild collected  here in N.Y., unless stated otherwise. Beginning in 1999, our mission has been Monarch Butterfly recovery and habitat restoration through milkweed plant distribution , awareness and education.

 Here at Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm we sincerely want people to succeed with their ambitions to create an environment conducive not only to Monarch Butterfly recovery; but also to a sustainable environment; beneficial to all native  insects, wildlife and nature in general.


 Our goal is to inspire people to contribute in preserving, conserving, and restoring indigenous habitat starting with their own properties. We will gladly answer any questions or provide assistance with planting  pollinator habitat. Funds generated through the sales of native plants, seeds and other Monarch butterfly related items go directly to our habitat/butterfly recovery efforts. 

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eastern monarch butterfly farm

5643 Davison Rd, Clarence, New York 14031, United States (no public access at this location)

(716) 759-8500

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